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Being a local business person it is not easy to get noticed, even in your neighbourhood. With a target audience that is very hard to please and while our competitors vying for every business opportunity, your business needs a local SEO agency to give a strong push to your brand visibility. 

To increase your online presence and footfalls to your store, it’s important to rank on location-based searches on Google. With a local SEO agency like DigiMore, you can get more visibility for your brand and we can help you with strategic growth plan. Our local SEO packages can be availed to promote all your business locations.

Looking for Local SEO Services
With the local approach, you can experience an increase in several calls and inquiries from the local shoppers who are waiting to be converted into a sale. It is no surprise that any small business is only as good as the number of leads it can convert. Our Local SEO Experts will not only deliver those quality leads to you but also ensure better visibility of your business. With a good local SEO agency, your business will only get bigger but better in your desired geographical area.

Why Us?

Earlier at the start of the internet era, there were comparatively fewer websites, so the competition was very less in any industry. But eversince the digital era has started, everything has started evolving like the search engines, website designs, landing pages, user experience, etc. which has led to a tremendous increase in the competition.

Mobile on the other hand, has largely boosted the no. of local searches happening on a daily basis because earlier it was confined to people who had a desktop. We at DigiMore help to scale the businesses with a local SEO service that enables to achieve more visibility and quality leads. DigiMore supports the small businesses and hence we offer quite affordable local seo packages. Despite your business operating in confined locations, we at DigiMore ensure that they count and aim to Grow More. 

With our expertise on your side, you can expect:

Increased Visibility

Increased Visibility

The trick of getting more sales and inquiries online is having your business get noticed in the first of those rankings visible to your audiences.

Increase in Traffic and Leads

Increase in Traffic and Leads

With our curated effective strategies for your business, you can optimistically expect an increase in traffic and leads on your website.

Targeted Campaigns

Targeted Campaigns

We construct a planned strategy and campaign for your business in your desired location, to help you make your mark in a niche market.

Increase in Footfalls

Increase in Footfalls

With our local optimization tactics, we drive more in-store business. A good local SEO agency gives you the advantage to focus solely on your particular geographic area.

Our Package is Tailor-Made

Best Local SEO Company Mumbai

With our years of experience in local SEO services, we have curated the best deliverables and created local SEO service packages which can cater to any local business.

We are honoured to be helping small businesses to mark their footprints in the market. Our team of experts understand each business and its requirements and budget thorougly which helps us to construct strategic plans and offer flexible solutions for every need. Our strategy allows you to assess the power of local SEO Service and how it works wonders in taking your business to reach great heights. This includes:


Have you ever searched a product by casting two magical words in your search bar, ‘NEAR ME’? If yes, then probably you’d understand how significant is local SEO for any business.

Search engines are the gateway to most business sales and success. Every business in the market is certainly fighting for the top ten ranking positions on Google. And it is not as easy as it may seem! To claim your spot on the first page, you have to work hard and in smarter ways.

Local SEO helps your business rank higher and visible in the local market. Local SEO agencies complement the hard work that you’ve put in building your business into a profit-earning machine. There are multiple benefits your business avails just by hiring the right local SEO company in India to look after the business, and they are:

Local SEO Service in Mumbai
Increase in organic website traffic

Increase in organic
website traffic

Increase in footfalls to your storeshop

Increase in footfalls
to your store/shop

Improved ROI

Truth be told, having a business in today’s competitive environment is not a joke. In the current marketplace scenario, local businesses cannot afford to loose out the opportunity to rank on organic searches made on the search engine. One needs to have a local SEO agency to outline the SEO strategy in order to direct the potential customers towards your business.

Local SEO Expert Mumbai

Industry-specific service

We take pride in claiming ourselves as one of the best local SEO agencies in India, we provide custom-tailored service which intends to convert high-quality traffic, better lead generation, and increased profitability for every business across all industries. We cater:

From a house helper to a high-end dining restaurant. We got everyone covered with our local SEO approach. 

Did you know?

Search Location

1/3rd of the Google searches are location-specific resulting in higher traffic to your business.

Search engines are the saviour of any business whether small or big.

Local SEO Company

Local SEO helps you to advertise yourself without leaving your seat.

Local Search

Around 72% of the buyers who did a local search have been to the store.

Online Search

Almost 28% of the online searches end with a purchase.

Mobile Searches

Searching for services on mobile devices have significantly grown since 2015.


Before any purchase, buyers use their phones to check on the planned in-store purchases.


Living in a world where 80% of people are shopping online at competitive rates and services, it is necessary to put forth your business in your desired geographical area.

As mentioned before, it is important to build trust even before the buyer becomes your consumer. Our services build a road for you to connect with your customers directly.

It is very tricky to say at the start of time without even having a clear idea about your website, rankings and the industry you are operating in.

We not only believe in just increasing the traffic but also work towards partnering with your business and grow more in the market.

Well, local SEO is a customised effort and not just ‘one plan works for all.’ We request you to get in touch with our expert to get a clear idea of the budget.

Every month, we will send you Google analytics reports, keyword ranking reports, improvements and objectives. Our dedicated service expert will be in touch with you for any need and clarification.

When you search for your service on Google, and you see your competitors appearing on the top pages of Google and not you. That’s when local SEO comes into the picture to help you grow your business.

If understanding SEO makes your head spin, it’s time to outsource it. We, at Digimore, take care of your listing and the critical task, while you can attend to your customers at ease.

So are you ready to Grow More with Digimore? Contact us now!

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