How to Optimize Google My Business & Leverage for Sales?

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How to Optimize Google My Business & Leverage for Sales?

With new business websites making their way into the internet each passing day and increasing the competition, it is essential to get your hand on the SEO services for your business website. If you want to ensure that your website dominates the search engine results, Google My Business might be just the tool you are looking for!

Why Does Google My Business Matter?

With more than 30.7 million small businesses investing in Google My Business for better SEO, this is the ultimate platform for providing a boost to your business by establishing industry authority and engaging more and more potential customers.

How to Optimize Google My Business: Step-by-Step Guide to GMB SEO?

1.Complete your business information.

Properly completing your GMB profile is the first step towards growth. You must ensure that potential clients can find the information they are looking for when visiting your age. It is essential to keep in mind that basic info like company name, contact, website link, business category, location etc., are not missing from your page.

2.Choose a specific business category.

With more than 3900 GMB categories available, it is one of the most significant criteria when it comes to conquering the local search algorithm. The more focus you put on the category, the more relevance your company gets.

3.Write an engaging business description.

Having an engaging description about your company on your GMB page is the trick to keeping customers glued to your website. Using the right keywords and highlighting your unique selling points can really be of great benefit, according to the leading providers of SEO services in Mumbai.

4.Use a local contact number.

Placing a local phone number on your GMB profile has the potential to encourage clients to contact you faster and simplifies the call process.

5.Upload high-resolution images.

Visuals are always more effective than texts, so make sure to focus on the quality of images you upload.

6.Post relevant content on your GMB posts section.

Less is more. Keep your GMB posts short, informative and enough to leave your audience curious and to come back for more.

7.Monitor your GMB Q&A section.

The Q&A section is built to provide you with the opportunity to interact with your customers. It is the perfect place to increase engagement and exposure of your business.

8.Add links to your social media profiles.

GMB allows you to add links to your business website as well as social media profiles. Use this feature to establish credibility and enhance the brand value of your company.

9.Update your business information regularly.

Every time you make any changes or add any information, ensure it’s reflected in your GMB profile.

10.Respond to reviews.

Be sure to read and respond to every customer review and take their feedback into account to enjoy recommendations and more.

Final Thoughts

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