Why WordPress is an SEO Powerhouse?

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Why WordPress is an SEO Powerhouse?

Since its debut in 2003, WordPress has gone a long way. The most powerful CMS (Content Management System) in the world, it began as a basic blogging platform. Joomla, Drupal and Squarespace have all been eclipsed by WordPress as the most popular content management systems.

Because of this, many firms are scrambling to adopt WordPress. A website’s SEO friendliness is vital in today’s digital world. All WordPress-powered sites have SEO capabilities pre-installed.

Well, as SEO specialists, we’ve gathered some good reasons to back up our suggestion. Let’s have a look at them:

Open-Source Customization

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS. That’s why anybody may create a theme or plugin for WordPress using open-source software. You’ll be able to pick from hundreds of high-quality themes, both paid and free. It’s simple to add a feature to your WordPress website that makes it do something special.

On-Page SEO

In terms of on-page SEO management, WordPress is the finest platform. Certainly, the scope of the SEO friendly website is extensive and encompasses a large number of complex aspects. If you don’t know a thing about coding, installing WordPress is a straightforward answer to your SEO woes. Additionally, Yoast SEO takes care of robots.txt, XML sitemaps, and many other SEO factors. 


To access the settings, you must first complete the installation. All you have to do is choose “permalinks” from the drop-down list that appears. Permalink settings allow URLs to be displayed by using just some random letters or digits. Your page or post will also be saved with this setting’s database ID number.

Title Tags & Headings

In the content editor, you’ll discover title tags and headers, which are essential for SEO Onpage Optimization. Adding content is as simple as clicking “add page/post” and entering the desired information. If you’re using a theme that has an H1 or H2 tag for the title, you’ll need to put it in. Your web page’s title tag will be based on this title.

Content Optimization

Moving on, you’ll discover Visual Rich Text Editor in the content section. You may bold or highlight particular phrases and connect to other external or internal web pages with this editor. Heading tags may be added, as well as alt tags for pictures.

Site Speed & Stat Analysis

Website design service experts know that Google pays significant attention to the time it takes for web pages to load. Other content management systems take longer to load in their typical settings than WordPress. Several WordPress plugins enable AMP and caching of pages and posts.

Heaps of SEO Themes & SEO-Friendly Plugins

WordPress has developed a plethora of additional features that may improve your site’s search engine rankings. WordPress’s SEO-optimized themes can be used for every kind of website, from a commercial site to an online store to a personal portfolio.

Social Media Support

People may go a day without eating, but not a day without using social media. So, from the outset, consider including social sharing buttons (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) across your website. WordPress has many options for this integration, like Jetpack Sharing, SumoMe and others.

Final Overview

For the majority of websites, SEO is the primary source of organic traffic. Your website must be built on a platform that can assist with SEO if you wish to rise in the search results. WordPress has dominated the web development business for the better part of the past decade. As a result, it’s reasonable to think of WordPress as an SEO powerhouse. If you wish to avail yourself of the best website development services, count on DigiMore!

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