Is ChatGPT Good for SEO? Here’s Why You Should Avoid It

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Is ChatGPT Good for SEO? Here’s Why You Should Avoid It

The AI-based content generator has recently gained widespread attention. But what exactly is the point? What makes this topic so popular? Should you use it? Will its use improve digital marketing? Can it help with search engine optimization? Will Google even look at the content we make with this AI system?

The very mention of artificial intelligence technology, ChatGPT, raises an array of questions. However, there are still many unanswered questions, particularly with regard to content generation and traffic increase.

This piece will explain what it is and whether or not a digital marketing agency should try it for SEO services.

So, What Exactly is ChatGPT? When Did It First Appear?

San Francisco-based OpenAI (the company behind DALLE 2 and Whisper) released its chatbot, ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer), on November 20, 2022. Using supervised learning and reinforcement learning, it was built atop OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and fine-tuned.

ChatGPT quickly gained popularity due to its comprehensive coverage of all academic fields and its well-written comments.

ChatGPT’s Negative Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Lacking Up-to-Date Knowledge

An autoregressive language model like ChatGPT will lose its ability to obtain and give information about recent events after the year 2021. A content creator relying on ChatGPT to whip up articles can miss breaking news because of this. The resultant content may contain inaccuracies or out-of-date data because of this.

Unfair Content Suggestion

While powerful, ChatGPT is not a replacement for human intelligence and may not always be reliable. It’s also possible that the model’s biases stem from its training data. Therefore, the content it generates may not have the depth and originality that would make it stand out. The model should be used with care and attention, and the results should be double-checked to ensure accuracy.

ChatGPT-Generated Content Can Be Recognised

Google’s algorithms can now identify AI-generated content and determine if it is spam. As the “Helpful Content Update” is being released, this is of paramount importance. SEO may suffer if this is detected.

To avoid this, keep in mind that ChatGPT and other AI-based technologies are not meant to replace human intelligence but rather to strengthen and improve it. ChatGPT’s features alone are helpful, but adding human insight can cut down on wasted time and boost efficiency.

Google’s algorithms are always being improved so that they can serve its users better. It also gives several real-world scenarios that show the types of things it classifies as AGC.

The Bottom Line

This shows that the advantages of using ChatGPT are just short-lived, as we predicted. The major goal of any content is to provide the user with information that is not copied and pasted; hence, a writer must still thoroughly review it.

If you have any questions about the latest AI technology, ChatGPT, our team of digital marketers, would be happy to help. Digital marketing, an SEO solution, and social media optimization are all areas in which DigiMore can assist your business.

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