How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets to get zero position in SERP for your website?

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How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets to get zero position in SERP for your website?

It’s important to remember that there’s no one way to make sure your content shows up in featured snippets. 

But if you follow the steps mentioned, you’ll give yourself the golden chance of being in the much-wanted zero spot. Even if you follow the tips below and don’t get a spot in the featured snippet, the SEO results will still be good with the help of professional SEO services

The Zero Position Rankings Must Remain In Place 

Keep an eye on your current zero-position results and change your best-performing pages regularly. When you track regularly, you’ll also know if your SERPs drop. When you lose a position-zero result, you can do something to get your rankings back to where they were. 

To keep yourself in the zero rankings, you can update your content in the following ways:

Make sure your basic SEO is optimised: Before you consider snippet-specific SEO, you should make sure you’re following best practices for SEO on the page. Are your URL paths short? Do you use HTTPS, enough content length, relevant markup schema, keyword density, and a header-based layout that is easy to read? 

Change the content often: Google likes to use featured snippets to show current information. Make sure the information you show is up-to-date, and add a tag like “Last Updated on…” to show that the page has been checked lately.

Answer these other questions that are related: Most of the time, high-quality content ranks among several featured snippets. Think about adding questions and answers about the main topic on existing pages. 

Monitor existing content that ranks highly in standard search results: Pages that appear in the top ten “standard” result pages, especially the first one under a featured snippet, are “low-hanging fruit.” Remember that not all content will be good enough to be featured snippets. But if you can give a better answer than the present snippet, you should update the content on your best-performing pages.

Most of the time, updating content doesn’t cost much, but it pays off big in terms of keeping traffic, especially for content that brings in a lot of leads.

Make content for featured snippets.

Generating content for featured snippets is usually easy in the sense that you will probably only need to make small changes to how you already make content. Small changes to keyword study and the way a piece is put together can have big effects. 

Do not be sceptical about using the “Opt Out.” 

In rare cases, snippets in the zero place do worse than those in the top five ranks. Sometimes getting to position zero is less important than getting people to a landing page, especially if brand knowledge is not a top concern. Similarly, you may want to show rich snippets in your results, which may not be achievable in a highlighted clip. 

Track sales before and after getting to a zero place, if you can, to figure out which is better for your web pages. Using the nosnippet tag, you can opt out of featured snippets. 

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